Halloween in Carvoeiro, Algarve

Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October. This Celtic tradition evolved from the belief that on the eve of all saints day (the first of November) the spirits of deceased family members returned to their homes. The holiday´s popularity has increased throughout the years, with followers of all ages.

The Holiday was introduced to the United States of America by the early pilgrims; and is currently one of the most widely celebrated dates in the world, especially amongst Americans. Disguised in scary costumes or as their favourite character countless children go door to door repeating the famous question: Trick or Treat? neighbours then gladly offer sweets in exchange for their piece of mind. In the Algarve Halloween has come to gather quite a legion of fans, particularly amongst the younger population, the local shops and hotels, who offer special children´s programs to celebrate the holiday.

At Monte Santo, IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts´ five star resort in Carvoeiro, you will find jack-o’-lanterns to lighten your path, a wonderful promotion on accommodation, entertainment for children throughout the weekend, and a delicious dinner prepared by the Club House Restaurant for haunted evening. Join US!