Lulla Bye Concert in the Algarve

After the success of the Smallest Concert in the World, Lulla Bye returns to the Algarve for another unforgettable show.

After a memorable performance in the “Smallest Concert in the World”, organized by the national radio station Radio Comercial, the band Lulla Bye returns to Monte Santo on Saturday the 12th of September for a spectacular concert dedicated to previous and present guests.

The upcoming concert on the 12th of September will celebrate Monte Santo’s successful first year of operation. Everyone who has selected Monte Santo as a holiday destination in the past is invited to revisit and enjoy our gift: a wonderful evening under the stars with the Lulla Bye.

The unforgettable concert will start at 10 p.m. following a 9:30 cocktail besides the resort´s magnificent club house pool.

The event will also be open to the general public; to attend one must simply be accommodated at Monte Santo (one bedroom suites in September as affordable as €190 per night). For those who have yet to enjoy the true beauty of the only 5* resort in Carvoeiro this is a wonderful opportunity to do so while taking pleasure in one of the most promising Portuguese pop/rock bands. Please accept our invitation. For more information and reservations please call +351 282 321 000 or e-mail: info.montesanto@imocom-grupo.com


Carvoeiro receives nature exhibit, “Lynx, the struggle to exist- a story of survival or extinction”

Between the 11th and 31st of August, Monte Santo in Carvoeiro will welcome the “Lynx, the struggle to exist- a story of survival or extinction” exhibition created by SOS Lynx.

According to the non-profit association founded in 2000 for the conservation of the Iberian-Lynx, SOS Lynx, this creature is the most endangered feline species in the world. It is calculated that only 200 specimens currently live within their natural habitat. This species, that once inhabited the entire Iberian Peninsula, has come to disappear in the last decades due greatly to the loss of its natural habitat, the decrease in prey, and a high mortality attributed to car accidents, and hunting.

“We intend to take advantage of August-our busiest month of the year- to appeal to our visitors´ ecological conscience. This exhibit, composed of 8 panels, presents the Iberian lynx in a didactic yet fascinating perspective, showing us how this feline species struggles on a daily basis to survive. Receiving this exhibit within our resort is a simple contribution to a noble cause we are happy to make.” stated Marc Sontag, IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts’ Director of Residential Tourism.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Carvoeiro and discover how you may help the Iberian Lynx- the last large feline indigenous to the Iberian Peninsula and the most endangered mammal in Europe.


FatBoy Slim our latest guest!

Fat Boy Slim has just checked out!!! last night´s performance at the race track in Portimão had over 20,000 spectators...We were more than happy to have him here with us and hope to have him back soon.


International Superstars entertain Algarve’s nightlife

Summer in the Algarve can represent a wide range of experiences for its visitors, recently cultural and sporting events have become predominant aspects of the destination´s lure. Whether it’s an international golf tournament or a summer festival, locals and visitors alike may now enjoy countless national and international performances while holidaying.

Having performed in locations throughout the world, these musicians tend to have extensive lists of demands regarding their accommodations; requesting special attention to every detail. Their elevated standards have been met by our resorts in the Algarve. The musicians are scheduled to entertain the nightlife throughout the Algarve followed by a well-deserved retreat to this exclusive resort so they may enjoy the true comfort and luxury it is known for.

“Receiving musicians of this scale within our resorts demonstrates the true standards of quality our brand withholds. This is also reflected in our guest reviews on various websites where our anonymous visitors continuously rate us amongst the destination´s top 5 resort for nearly 2 years”, stated Marc Sontag, IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts´ Director of Residential Tourism.

Monte Santo - IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts´ other property in the Algarve - recently celebrated a successful first year of operation. The day was commemorated with a delightful dinner amongst friends, co-workers and family. Guests are invited to enjoy a belated yet memorable gift: all previous guests are welcomed to return during the first two weeks of September and enjoy an exclusive concert with the Portuguese rock band Lulla Bye. After the success of their previous concert, “O Concerto Mais Pequeno do Mundo” organized by one of the leading radio stations in Portugal, Radio Comercial, Lulla Bye will return to Monte Santo on the 12th of September for an unforgettable concert prepared especially for guests.

Further to this concert in September, Monte Santo will also welcome international performers like Fatboy Slim, Roisin Murphey and countless more.