Carvoeiro receives nature exhibit, “Lynx, the struggle to exist- a story of survival or extinction”

Between the 11th and 31st of August, Monte Santo in Carvoeiro will welcome the “Lynx, the struggle to exist- a story of survival or extinction” exhibition created by SOS Lynx.

According to the non-profit association founded in 2000 for the conservation of the Iberian-Lynx, SOS Lynx, this creature is the most endangered feline species in the world. It is calculated that only 200 specimens currently live within their natural habitat. This species, that once inhabited the entire Iberian Peninsula, has come to disappear in the last decades due greatly to the loss of its natural habitat, the decrease in prey, and a high mortality attributed to car accidents, and hunting.

“We intend to take advantage of August-our busiest month of the year- to appeal to our visitors´ ecological conscience. This exhibit, composed of 8 panels, presents the Iberian lynx in a didactic yet fascinating perspective, showing us how this feline species struggles on a daily basis to survive. Receiving this exhibit within our resort is a simple contribution to a noble cause we are happy to make.” stated Marc Sontag, IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts’ Director of Residential Tourism.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Carvoeiro and discover how you may help the Iberian Lynx- the last large feline indigenous to the Iberian Peninsula and the most endangered mammal in Europe.

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