Boas Festas! Seasons's greetings!

Boas Festas! Feliz Natal e um Ano Novo repleto de alegria, sucesso e boas novas!

Seasons's greetings and warm wishes to you... For a year full of joy, success and good tidings!

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O passatempo Fim de Ano RFM e As Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa já está no ar e vai proporcionar a 1 ouvinte mais 3 amigos, um Réveillon inesquecível em Vilamoura! Para participar só tem de enviar um e-mail para passatempos@rfm.pt com os seus 12 desejos para 2010, mas... para os seus 3 amigos! Os desejos mais originais serão contemplados com uma estada para 4 pessoas no As Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa, de 31 de Dezembro a 2 de Janeiro.
Um prémio inesquecível, num resort fantástico, para os ouvintes da rádio mais ouvida em Portugal! Participe e passe palavra!
As Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa é o resort IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts em Vilamoura.


2009 Holiday Season

The beginning of a New Year should be a memorable celebration; as this season seems to be filled with a unique sparkle and joy that one wishes could last throughout the year.
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Bonsai and Orchid Exhibit at Monte Santo

While there is a common association between the Japanese culture and Bonsais, the Chinese were in fact the first to cultivate these small shrubs in ceramic vases. Archaeologists have found remains that indicate the existence of gardening tools and potted plants from as far back as 200 D.C..

The hobby of caring for Bonsais has grown exponentially in recent years, especially in Europe, currently these small shrubs can be found throughout the world. The interest in Bonsais has accompanied the general public´s growing curiosity for the martial arts and Asian culture. This hobby requires patience along with some artistic ability and is ideal for individuals who wish to relax and escape from their everyday stress.

On the 7th and 8th of December at 3:00 p.m. Monte Santo will host a bonsai workshop in collaboration with the Win Garden & Home. This workshop will teach participants the basic steps of caring for such sensitive trees. Each session has a length of 1 hour and 30 minutes, a minimum participation of 10 people and is free of charge. Feel free to bring your own Bonsai or choose one made available by the Win Garden. The workshop will be held within the five star resort’s Club House in Carvoeiro; reservations may de booked by telephone +351 282 321 000 or e-mail to info.montesanto@imocom-gupo.com.

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MICE segment a priority for IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts

IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts focuses resources on the MICE segment for both of its Algarve properties- As Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa, in Vilamoura and Monte Santo in Carvoeiro- with a continuous emphasis on luxurious accommodation.

At Monte Santo the concept Suite Meetings is available for 30 delegates. The meeting suites feature high-tech amenities and luxury décor - ideal for everything from a dinner meeting to an intimate social gathering. The private suites provide the perfect venue to impress. Outstanding attention to detail and extensive indoor and outdoor meeting facilities ensure every event is successful and highly productive. Whether you are hosting a training session, a private boardroom meeting or celebrating a company milestone with a grand celebration, our resort offer just the right venue for your event. An inspirational setting for your meetings, you can choose from day or overnight packages. Alternatively, meeting room hire only prices are available.- our 5 star resort offers all you need to plan a memorable gathering. For larger groups the Municipal Auditorium of Lagoa, with Conference rooms that may receive up to 150 delegates and located 3 minutes from the resort, can be prepared upon request.
Fore more information please click here.


IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts present at the 2009 World Travel Market

IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts and its two five star resorts in the Algarve- As Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa, Vilamoura and Monte Santo, Carvoeiro – were present at the 2009 World Travel Market, one of the most important trade fairs of the travel industry.


Um pedido de casamento" de Tchekhov

O Teatro Experimental Ideias do Levante (Lagoa/Algarve), vai levar ao palco do Auditório Municipal de Lagoa (Algarve), no dia 9 de Dezembro de 2009 (pelas 21h30), a peça "Um pedido de casamento" da autoria de Tchekhov numa encenação de Rui Mimoso, com a interpretação ao cargo de Isabel Costa, Fernando Guerreiro, e Susana Campina. A peça (em um Acto) escrita pelo dramaturgo e escritor Anton Tchekhov (em 1889), é uma das comédias clássicas do teatro russo.

A entrada para o espectáculo é gratuita e é limitada a uma lotação máxima de 300 lugares, maiores de 12 anos. Os bilhetes estarão disponíveis a partir do dia 30 de Novembro de 2009 no Convento S. José (em Lagoa). O número 282380434 (Convento S. José) encontra-se disponível para mais informações sobre este espectáculo. Também o número 282010080 (Ideias do Levante) encontra-se disponível (de Segunda a Sexta-feira, das 18h00 às 20h00), para eventuais contactos relacionados com informações sobre esta ou outras actividades da associação. Mais se informa que o atendimento online encontra-se disponível 24 horas, todos os dias, em www.ideiasdolevante.net .


Indulge in a Winter Retreat…

IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts offers two unique destinations for your Winter Retreat and New Year´s Eve celebration.

Winter retreats are wonderful opportunities to relax while enjoying a wonderful destination; knowing this IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts has prepared everything for guests to make the most of their winter getaway.

Back your bags and escape to the Algarve, one of the most sought out destination in Europe. Select a resort as your destination, and then simply enjoy, without worrying about the rates, which are consequently pleasant surprises.

The beginning of a New Year should be a memorable celebration. Whether spent with family or amongst friends, this season is filled with a unique sparkle and joy that one wishes could last throughout the year.

Tempting flavours, live fireworks, entertainment throughout the night and luxurious accommodation are but a few of the surprises prepared for New Year´s Eve 2009. For more information and reservations please call +351 282 321 000 I +351 289 304 900 or e-mail: info.montesanto@imocom-grupo.com I reservas.cascatas@imocom-grupo.com


Halloween in Carvoeiro, Algarve

Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October. This Celtic tradition evolved from the belief that on the eve of all saints day (the first of November) the spirits of deceased family members returned to their homes. The holiday´s popularity has increased throughout the years, with followers of all ages.

The Holiday was introduced to the United States of America by the early pilgrims; and is currently one of the most widely celebrated dates in the world, especially amongst Americans. Disguised in scary costumes or as their favourite character countless children go door to door repeating the famous question: Trick or Treat? neighbours then gladly offer sweets in exchange for their piece of mind. In the Algarve Halloween has come to gather quite a legion of fans, particularly amongst the younger population, the local shops and hotels, who offer special children´s programs to celebrate the holiday.

At Monte Santo, IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts´ five star resort in Carvoeiro, you will find jack-o’-lanterns to lighten your path, a wonderful promotion on accommodation, entertainment for children throughout the weekend, and a delicious dinner prepared by the Club House Restaurant for haunted evening. Join US!


IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts focuses on golf segment

Collaboration with the Pestana Group consolidates the position of both resorts within the golfers’ universe.

Monte Santo’s Golf Package “European Senior Tour Qualifying School”, which incorporates the Pestana Golf’s European Senior championship held from the 11th to the19th of November throughout the Vale da Pinta, Gramacho and Silves golf couses is already available for reservations. This package is available for as little as €85 per person per night while including the transfers to the golf courses, accommodation and full access to all of Monte Santo’s facilities such as the health club, indoor pool, Turkish bath, sauna pools and a round of golf at one of the Pestana golf courses, so that you may observe great swings and put them into practice.

IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts’ Vilamoura property- As Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa- has created a 2009 Portugal Masters golf package. With rates as low as €139 per person per night this promotion incorporates luxurious accommodation, complimentary access to the 7Seven Spa Vilamoura social areas, a €100 spa voucher, tickets to attend the golf tournament and a round of golf.

More information regarding these and other golf packages are available on the resorts’ websites www.montesantoalgarve.com and www.ascascatasvilamoura.com.


You name the Price during October and November!

Check out the actual prices for our Suites and Linked Villas decide how much you think they are worth and then place your bid.

How it works
Provided there is availability and we accept your bid - your reservation will be confirmed. If your offer is not accepted we will provide an alternative - either different dates or the best available offer for your request.

For more information and to place your bid please click here.


Monte Santo´s First Birthday

Last saturday Monte Santo received the band Lulla Bye to celebrate its successful first year.


Belgian artist Mikki.F exhibits “Marrakech” at Monte Santo

Beginning on the 1st of September and throughout the following 6 months, Monte Santo, in Carvoeiro will open its doors to a new exhibit, “Marrakech”, by the Belgium artist Michele Frederickx.

The Vernissage is scheduled for September 2nd at 6 p.m. and the painter will be on hand to share her inspirations with all of our guests. Admission to the event is free of charge and includes an enjoyable cocktail.


Lulla Bye Concert in the Algarve

After the success of the Smallest Concert in the World, Lulla Bye returns to the Algarve for another unforgettable show.

After a memorable performance in the “Smallest Concert in the World”, organized by the national radio station Radio Comercial, the band Lulla Bye returns to Monte Santo on Saturday the 12th of September for a spectacular concert dedicated to previous and present guests.

The upcoming concert on the 12th of September will celebrate Monte Santo’s successful first year of operation. Everyone who has selected Monte Santo as a holiday destination in the past is invited to revisit and enjoy our gift: a wonderful evening under the stars with the Lulla Bye.

The unforgettable concert will start at 10 p.m. following a 9:30 cocktail besides the resort´s magnificent club house pool.

The event will also be open to the general public; to attend one must simply be accommodated at Monte Santo (one bedroom suites in September as affordable as €190 per night). For those who have yet to enjoy the true beauty of the only 5* resort in Carvoeiro this is a wonderful opportunity to do so while taking pleasure in one of the most promising Portuguese pop/rock bands. Please accept our invitation. For more information and reservations please call +351 282 321 000 or e-mail: info.montesanto@imocom-grupo.com


Carvoeiro receives nature exhibit, “Lynx, the struggle to exist- a story of survival or extinction”

Between the 11th and 31st of August, Monte Santo in Carvoeiro will welcome the “Lynx, the struggle to exist- a story of survival or extinction” exhibition created by SOS Lynx.

According to the non-profit association founded in 2000 for the conservation of the Iberian-Lynx, SOS Lynx, this creature is the most endangered feline species in the world. It is calculated that only 200 specimens currently live within their natural habitat. This species, that once inhabited the entire Iberian Peninsula, has come to disappear in the last decades due greatly to the loss of its natural habitat, the decrease in prey, and a high mortality attributed to car accidents, and hunting.

“We intend to take advantage of August-our busiest month of the year- to appeal to our visitors´ ecological conscience. This exhibit, composed of 8 panels, presents the Iberian lynx in a didactic yet fascinating perspective, showing us how this feline species struggles on a daily basis to survive. Receiving this exhibit within our resort is a simple contribution to a noble cause we are happy to make.” stated Marc Sontag, IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts’ Director of Residential Tourism.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Carvoeiro and discover how you may help the Iberian Lynx- the last large feline indigenous to the Iberian Peninsula and the most endangered mammal in Europe.


FatBoy Slim our latest guest!

Fat Boy Slim has just checked out!!! last night´s performance at the race track in Portimão had over 20,000 spectators...We were more than happy to have him here with us and hope to have him back soon.


International Superstars entertain Algarve’s nightlife

Summer in the Algarve can represent a wide range of experiences for its visitors, recently cultural and sporting events have become predominant aspects of the destination´s lure. Whether it’s an international golf tournament or a summer festival, locals and visitors alike may now enjoy countless national and international performances while holidaying.

Having performed in locations throughout the world, these musicians tend to have extensive lists of demands regarding their accommodations; requesting special attention to every detail. Their elevated standards have been met by our resorts in the Algarve. The musicians are scheduled to entertain the nightlife throughout the Algarve followed by a well-deserved retreat to this exclusive resort so they may enjoy the true comfort and luxury it is known for.

“Receiving musicians of this scale within our resorts demonstrates the true standards of quality our brand withholds. This is also reflected in our guest reviews on various websites where our anonymous visitors continuously rate us amongst the destination´s top 5 resort for nearly 2 years”, stated Marc Sontag, IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts´ Director of Residential Tourism.

Monte Santo - IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts´ other property in the Algarve - recently celebrated a successful first year of operation. The day was commemorated with a delightful dinner amongst friends, co-workers and family. Guests are invited to enjoy a belated yet memorable gift: all previous guests are welcomed to return during the first two weeks of September and enjoy an exclusive concert with the Portuguese rock band Lulla Bye. After the success of their previous concert, “O Concerto Mais Pequeno do Mundo” organized by one of the leading radio stations in Portugal, Radio Comercial, Lulla Bye will return to Monte Santo on the 12th of September for an unforgettable concert prepared especially for guests.

Further to this concert in September, Monte Santo will also welcome international performers like Fatboy Slim, Roisin Murphey and countless more.


Monte Santo in Carvoeiro to giveaway €5000 Meeting Package to a Lucky Event Planner

In conjunction with the launch of IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts´ Suite Meetings, Monte Santo will award one lucky meeting planner €5.000 worth of hotel services to plan their next suite meeting at the 5-star Monte Santo in the "Win A Free Meeting" drawing.

Entrees are currently being accepted on Monte Santo´s website (http://www.montesantoalgarve.com/) until the end of August 2009 and the winner will be announced until the 7th of September 2009. The package includes complimentary guestrooms, meeting facilities in dedicated meeting suites, banquet food and beverage, parking and welcome amenities up to a retail value of €5.000.

Perfectly situated - less than 45 minutes from the Faro International Airport- with convenient access to famous local attractions and shopping, along with the benefit of onsite complimentary parking, the meeting Suites are located on the 1st floor of the Club House, overlooking the resort and provide stunning sea views. The meeting suites feature high-tech amenities and luxury décor - ideal for everything from a dinner meeting to an intimate social gathering. The private suites provide the perfect venue to impress.

Outstanding attention to detail and extensive indoor and outdoor meeting facilities ensure every event is successful and highly productive. Whether you are hosting a training session, a private boardroom meeting or celebrating a company milestone with a grand celebration, our resort offer just the right venue for your event. An inspirational setting for your meetings, you can choose from day or overnight packages. Alternatively, meeting room hire only prices are available.- our 5 star resort offers all you need to plan a memorable gathering. Take advantage of all our benefits, including:

  • Flexible event space, ranging from private boardrooms with en-suite break-out rooms to large functions

  • Lovely outdoor venues, including terraces and the Garden Tent

  • Business Services through dedicated Meeting Concierge, to assist you in all aspects from start to finish

  • Complimentary transportation to the Airport, making it easy for your attendees to arrive

  • Extensive activities in the hotel and nearby for participants and their families

  • 133 suites and townhouses with deluxe amenities

Meeting planners can enter the drawing on the Monte Santo Web site at http://www.montesantoalgarve.com/ and by sending an e-mail to suitemeetings.montesanto@imocom-grupo.com. Previously contracted groups are not eligible to win. The winner must sign the contract within 10 working days of the drawing. The winner will be notified the day following the drawing via e-mail and a phone call.

Packages and booking incentives are available throughout the year, minimum numbers may apply.
Monte Santo, is a part of IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts which offer the largest most luxurious suites in Carvoeiro and Vilamoura. Each property provides guests with exceptionally personalised service and exquisite décor, creating a distinctive, yet informal experience. IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts offer an unsurpassed range of guest services and amenities, including high-speed Internet connectivity, wine tastings, gourmet dining and unique Spa & fitness options from in-room treatments to state-of-the-art fitness facilities.

A typical day at Monte Santo might include an early bird run around the Resort’s fitness track or an energizing swim in indoor pool, a buffet breakfast by the outdoor pool, morning meetings followed by an express lunch, a bicycle ride or a transfer to the Golf course (3 minutes by car, 20 minutes by bicycle). Then our guests may choose between 18 holes of Championship Golf, a Tennis tournament, or various treatments by the 7Seven Spa. To end a perfect day, the guests may enjoy cocktails, while watching the sunset at the Club House followed by a casual BBQ dinner.

Visitors can locate hotels, book accommodations or find out more by calling 282 321 000 289 304 900, or accessing the resort websites at www.montesantoalgarve.com http://www.ascascatasvilamoura.com/. For enquiries on this and other offers please e-mail suitemeetings.montesanto@imocom-grupo.com.

Belgian artist Mikki.F exhibits her artwork at Monte Santo

Between the 1st of July and the 31st of August, Monte Santo will welcome the Belgian artist Michele Frederickx´s exhibit, entitled “Nature in Progress”.

Michele Frederick, most commonly known as Mikki.F, was born on March 11th 1963, in Gent, Belgium. Her artistic techniques were perfected at the Brugge’s Arts School, where she graduated with a major in art. She later complemented her studies with graphic and fashion design. For 15 years, she dedicated her talent to designing for world renowned jewelers. Throughout these years Michele Frederickx was also able to evolve as an artist through several small projects including interior design. In 2002, she achieved her ultimate passion, to create art with absolute freedom and creativity.

Her paintings have been displayed throughout Belgium, in events such as Liberat, Talent and Sfeer, from 2004 until 2006. In 2004 her work was also displayed in Sun Valley (U.S.A). Her latest exhibits have been in Portugal, more specifically the Algarve, where she has already presented her work on 4 separate occasions.

This exhibition, organized by Monte Santo and the artist, will include 13 paintings and will be on display within the resort´s Club House. On September 1st, Monte Santo will then welcome a new collection of Mikki F.´s art, 13 paintings with a “Marrakech” theme. These will be displayed during 6 months.

Monte Santo Algarve - Concerto mais pequeno do Mundo - Lulla Bye

"The Smallest Concert in the World" hosted by Monte Santo - Carvoeiro

Together with Radio Comercial, Monte Santo hosted the band Lulla Bye for a concert in Monte Santo. This original concept is one of the trademarks of this radio station, inviting 20 listeners to join the concert and to have dinner with their favourite band at a unique and intimite location.

This private concert has been held in various locations throughout the country, in the last 5 years, with great artists like Katie Melua, Mark Knopfler, Ez Special, Rita Guerra, Secondhand Serenade, João Pedro Pais, Mafalda Veiga, Simon Webbe, Clã, Pólo Norte, David Fonseca, Reammon and 3 Doors Down, among others.

In 2005, Lulla Bye stood out within the Portuguese music with the single “Making Me Better”. The radios, as well as the popular TV series “Morangos com Açucar” played their song, leading it towards success. This success guaranteed over 80 shows to the band, and Lulla Bye even performed in festivals with artists like The Calling, Melanie C, Extreme and even Alanis Morissette. The new album is called “One Way”, and it was edited with the guarantee of Radio Comercial.

Please click the link and enjoy this fantastic event.



World's largest Sand Sculture Event - Pera, Algarve

In our endevour to show more about what the Algarve has the offer, we thought of intruducing to you the FIESA.

FIESA is a mega exhibition of sculpture in sand held since 2003 in Pera, Algarve. The festival is unique in the Iberian Peninsula and is considered the largest festival of sand sculpture in the world by the size of its sculptures and the area they occupy. In each new edition the exhibition is devoted to a different theme.

This year an international team of 60 sculptors, specialized in sand sculpture, transform fifteen thousand square meters of area and thirty-five thousand tons of sand in to FIESA 2009, with the theme of DISCOVERIES, giving the visitor a fascinating journey through time and the history of the evolution of mankind. The findings from Prehistoric times through Middle Ages and Modern, to the great achievements of current time through science and technology. FIESA also incorporates a playful dimension with a space for sand sculpture activities, where each day, adults, teens and children may experience and show their creative abilities in this form of artistic expression.

During the day the sculptures can be admired in all their detail and elegance, while at night, the lighting takes you to a mystical atmosphere, enhanced by performances of live music, theatre, dance and performing arts.

FIESA 2009 is a space where the discovery, the encounter and fun, co-exist in total harmony with the art, providing unforgettable moments.

FIESA is shown to the public every day from 22 May to 22 October from 10 am to midnight (from 22 September to 22 October from 10 am to 9 pm).


Monte Santo, Carvoeiro: "Kids On Us" - Kids Eat, Play & Stay Free

With respect to the regional monthly occupancy figures, the Algarve Tourism Board keeps on registering lower figures in comparison to last year. May 2009 in Carvoeiro / Armação de Pêra saw occupancies drop by 31%, while more specifically the 5-star hotels and aparthotels showed for a decrease of a staggering 38,8%!

To counter balance this we thought of bringing you some positive news and offer you a family escape to the Beach with a stay Monte Santo, Carvoeiro.
Monte Santo welcomes families this month with its "Kids On Us" offer that allows children under 12 years old to eat, play and stay free.

During June 2009, "Kids On Us" offers savings for families including extra bed in the parents' room for up to two children at no additional cost and complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner from the resort's children's menu. Various recreational facilities such as full use of the Planet Junior Kid’s Club, swimming pools, tennis courts and dedicated daily activities can be enjoyed at no charge.

Kids On Us' represents exceptional value, making this month an ideal time for families planning a holiday in the Algarve.

Please check with reception for further details on this June campaign: +351 282 321 000 or mail us at info.montesanto@imocom-grupo.com


Algarve promoted in Galicia

The Algarve Tourism Association has started a new campaign at a Toursim Fair in Vigo - Inviting Galacia to the Algarve - , following similar campaigns where Porto and Lisbon were invited too.

Visitors are offered free access and are eligble to win free stays

The climate, proximity and quality of offering are the ingredients to atrract the visitors

Seeing the current economic down-turn, the internal and Spanish markets have increased their relative importance in the hotel occupancies.


ATA promotes inaugeral flight Gatwick Faro


No âmbito da nova rota Gatwick-Faro operada pela Aer Lingus, a partir de 26 de Abril, a Associação Turismo do Algarve (ATA), em parceria com a sua agência de Relações Publicas no Reino Unido – Hills Balfour Synergy, a delegação do AICEP de Londres e a companhia aérea irlandesa, promove uma mega visita educacional com agentes do sector e jornalistas britânicos.

Recorde-se que a Aer Lingus vai passar a efectuar dois voos diários para Londres
Numa altura em que se assiste à retracção de investimentos por parte de agentes turísticos internacionais, a ATA saúda o esforço da Aer Lingus e congratula-se com abertura desta nova operação para Faro, a qual oferece novas possibilidades para os turistas do principal mercado emissor para o Algarve.


Recent Occupancy Statistics Algarve

Earlier this week I recieved the latest statistics on occupancies in the Algarve and yesterday SIC Noticias covered the fact that March ´09 statistics have not been as bad since 1995!

For those wanting to learn more (text in Portuguese) about the effects per region or star classification, please click here


Algarve Tourist Association starts Irish Campaign

In May the Algarve Touris Association (ATA) starts promoting the Algarve on the Irish TV and 180 city busses in Dublin, Cork and limerick with the slogan “Algarve. A Family Paradise this Summer”.On the channels RTE and TV3 a total of 167 spots of 20 seconds will promote the Algarve as the perfect family destination - predominantely aimed at women's programmes, such as the Oprah Winfrey Show, Judge Judy, Mornings Ireland Am, aiming to reach 3.7 million viewers.

Monte Santo - Club House Restaurant

Did you know that the Club House restaurant now has new menus under the concept "Gourmet Low Cost?" Please see here for further info and reservations.


Spring Break Monte Santo resort - Carvoeiro

Spring Break Carvoeiro

from 25 p.p.p.n

Take advantage of our April/May special suites offer and enjoy the best the Algarve has to offer this Spring: entertainment, gourmet offers, sport or cultural events and of course, the everpresent sunshine.
For information please call (+351) 282 321 000 or for reservations, please click here


Monte Santo Resort on Social Media Networks

Monte Santo is now active on various Social Media Networks. Follow us or become a fan!

Every month we will draw a winner for a free stay at our resort.

In the meanwhile we will keep you posted on further anticipated inclusions such as Wikipedia and YouTube.


Greetings from sunny Carvoeiro and welcome to the blog of Monte Santo.

We are venturing into uncharted territory as we launch this new blog. We know this is where the action is if we want to talk to our customers directly -- and hear back from them.We appreciate any comments you might have on improving this blog and it would be great seeing all of your comments and hearing how we can provide you a better service. Please keep your ideas and comments coming!

For those, who not have had the pleasure of stying with us, Monte Santo is a luxury retreat offering the perfect blend of tranquillity, comfort and style. Ideal for the perfect holiday.

The multi-room modern Suites and townhouses, the resort facilities and the impeccable service complemented by the ever-present sunshine make this an ideal destination for families, couples, golfers and sport enthousiasts.

Nestled upon the hilltops of Carvoeiro, minutes from extensive golden beaches with the complimentatry resort shuttle, secluded coves and dramatic cliffs this unique resort benefits from the magnificent climate and all year round sunshine for which the Algarve is famed.

I also take the opportunity of introducing our "Planet Junior", “Baby Must Have” and “InFavour” guest loyalty program that were introduced recently. In the near future, we will be adding services, of which we will inform you first through our Blog.

On a side note, this blog is a moderated forum for comments and discussion. Posts that are inappropriate will not be displayed. For more specifics on the rules, please request our Terms and Conditions.

Look forward to blogging with you.

Marc Sontag
Director of Residential Tourism